• Surface Cleaning
  • Transport and cooling
  • Cathering
  • Temperature control
  • Transportation courier
  • Medical transport
  • Interference fit
  • Deburring
  • Experiments
  • Special effects

Our manufacturing is based on high-capacity equipment by Cold Jet. The production process takes place in a specially designed facility which ensures top quality of the final product. 

Czyszczenie suchym lodem
The company PROJAN are professionals in the clean dry ice. We have modern machinery, which is ready to work in all conditions. We work only on devices of American Cold Jet, so we guarantee the best quality of services.

 - Everything you always wanted to know about Dry Ice.

We are a professional, reliable and dynamic company operating on the market of dry ice pellet manufacturing and cleaning services. We devote all our operations to innovative solutions and technologies related to dry ice.

State-of-the-art high-capacity equipment guarantees regular and timely deliveries of  the product with best characteristics to a chosen destination.

PROJAN - our ice - your business


Data publikacji: 28/10/2015
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